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Drone and Copters

Is the XP2 Quadcopter by xProHeli the Right One for You?

While it might be tempting to want the XP2 Quadcopter by xProHeli to add to your other RC or other multirotor hobby collection, you should know upfront that this isn’t a toy. The folks at xProHeli make this quite clear.

The XP2 is a quadcopter that’s designed for people that want to bring their photography or film making hobby and/or business to the next level.

That said, it is the lightest, most powerful, and stable Quadcopter on the market for taking aerial shots and video. With the size and portability, you can get aerial shots from nearly anywhere, with the slightest of ease, once you’ve learned how to fly the unit.

When coupled with a high quality video camera (like the Go Pro Hero 3), it has exceptional clarity, can quickly snap shots, is stable and doesn’t disappoint.

What is the XP2 xProHeli Quadcopter?

The device is a RTF multirotor platform. What this means is that it is a “ready to fly” rotorcraft that in this case has four propellers. It is capable of lifting recording devices (up to 1 lb or 400 grams), cameras (the weight of 2 GoPro cameras).

Used with a camera, it allows you to take photos, capture video, or record in real time, from the best angles, top heights, and exceptional clarity with every shot.

Why the XP2 in comparison to other Quadcopters?

For starters, it is very lightweight, which means it can get higher up than other products. It is also capable of taking on terrain that other Quadcopters can’t.

You can reach higher altitudes faster, get better angles, crisper shots, and it is easier to use than other products on the market.

It is priced better than some of the other Quadcopters used for this purpose.

Why is it unique?

It was made by photographers, for photographers.

Unlike other “toy” Quadcopters, the XP2 is designed to be used for filming, taking pictures, capturing film for movies or other videos, and exquisite shots. There are many other products available if you are looking to use them for a hobby. The XP2 is best used for serious amateur and professional photograhers.

The XP2 is made with an aluminum frame vs. composites. Aluminum is stronger, lighter weight, can be bent, and “greener” (i.e. better for the environment).

The frame is easy to put together and has very few parts. The main body has a compartment that helps protect the electronics in the event of a crash.

Vibration is one of the biggest issues when trying to film using aerial photography. The XP2 has been designed to include rubber dampeners that help with this, as well as a bi-deck floating frame. Foam padding also helps in the two front landing arms.

With the GPS Module not only not only are there 3 programmed flight modes, but includes one of the newest and popular flight control boards on the market – the Naza-M from DJI Innovations.

If the GPS is good the unit can also be programmed to “return to home” for safe landing if it loses communication.

It’s Made in the USA!

How did the XP2 come to be?

Basically, the product came to be when a pro RC helicopter pilot was supposed to show up for a filming and never did. Frustrated by a lack of a quality solution, one of the co-founders, Hans Skjersaa, did his own research, and looked for the best ways to create high quality videos, at higher aerial distances. That’s how the XP2 was born.

What do users have to say?

Users claim they get exceptional clarity, and a product that delivers for every shot. They also claim for the price, it is the most professional and best option on the market today.

Customers claim it is an amazing product that they would recommend to other professionals in the industry. Many also state they are impressed with the range, height, and how great the angles and aerial shots turn out.

What else should you know about the XP2?

Before putting it to use, you should know that there is a learning curve involved with learning to fly it. If you have flown other copters you will have a step up on others that have not. However, the company is dedicated to helping you learn the ins and outs of the unit.

xProHeli offers free training, including videos and a forum where you can ask questions. With your purchase you will receive online support and guidance to help you learn how to use it when filming.

You should also know that it flies for 7-11 minutes at a time using a 30cell 4400mAh 11.1V battery (they include 4 batteries with the unit).

As far as weight, it can take on about 400 grams (about the weight of 2 Go Pro cameras). It is a device that will improve aerial shots and coverage, but takes some time to learn the ropes.

Because of the sharpness of the rotors and speed of the propellers, the XP2 should not be flown close to or directly above people or objects. The blades can be dangerous and can injure you or others around you.

What other equipment is needed to use it?

Included in the box are the XP2, spare props, batteries, remote control, battery charger, battery tester.

You will of course need a video camera (purchased separately). Popular lightweight HD cameras include the GoPro, Contour, or Sony Nex-5.

Is the XP2 easy to fly and what is the learning curve?

For the inexperienced RC user, no, initially they are not easy to fly, and will require practice before you put them in the air.

They are easier to learn than collective pitch helicopters, but they do require practice. With the “self leveling” mode, it is going to be much easier to control the device, and should help with the your learning curve as you get started.

There are a number training videos and the forum to get you started. XProHeli recommends learning to fly on a flight simulator like “Real Flight Basic” if you’ve never flown RC copters before.

In conclusion, we hope you can see the amazing potential that when used for the right application, the XP2 can have. Whether you’re a seasons RC Quadcopter user or just getting started, the XP2 is worth consideration, especially for the amateur and professional aerial photography applications.

<< Click here to purchase the XP2 Quadcopter from the Secure, Official Website >>

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Go Pro Hero 3 Review – The Best Quadcopter Camera?

Get a Go Pro Today
Since you’re undoubtedly getting ready to make a big investment in a quadcopter enabling you to take your photography hobby or business to the next level, you certainly want to take the same amount of time to research the best video camera, too.

In our opinion, the Go Pro Hero 3 is definitely worth serious consideration. We’ve compiled a list of important items that we think are important prior to making your final decision.

What is the Go Pro Hero 3 Camera?

The Go Pro camera is a feature rich video camera that can be used on land, air or sea. With mutiple mounting options, it makes this camera easy to use with a quadcopter, as well as many other uses.

It can handle nearly any type of necessity for a moment to be shot or recorded. With its built in Wi-Fi compatibility that enables instant sharing, the options are endless. It has more advanced features and much better clarity than any of its predecessors.

Where Can This Camera Be Used?

Seeing as it’s a camera, you can take it just about anywhere with you, but when the need arises for high quality shots, you’ll see how good it really is. With a 12 MP pixel rate in the Black Model and reasonably clear audio even in winds at speeds over seventy mph, this camera is worth a look.

What Models are Available?

You can choose between the Black, White and Silver editions. The models vary in price, pixel rate, lens and optic grades and other features. They are priced at $199, $299, and $399.

What are the Differences Between the Models?

Although there aren’t too many differences, the noticeable changes will be in terms of resolution. All three models have Wi-Fi capability.

The Black Edition is the highest model available and includes professional grade low light capabilities, lens sharpness at 2X the other models, and boasts a 30 photos/sec mode. It also includes mounts and accessories and a wi-fi remote in the box.

Here are a few more differences: Bitrate capture of up to 45/Mbs, simultaneous Video and photo (every 5,10,30 and 60 seconds or manual), and continuous photos at 3/1, 5/1 an 10/1.

So how is the Go Pro Hero 3 better?

The pixel rate of the Hero 3 is 12 MP, as against 11 in the Hero 2 and Silver Edition. The lens of the Hero 3 is double sharp (Hero 2 and Silver have a sharp lens) and the bit rate for the latest version is 45 MB (Hero 2 has a 35 MB bit rate).

These three parameters, so important in a camera, have been improved and from the reviews it looks to be true.

Why the Go Pro 3 camera vs. other cameras?

Well besides all of the pros already mentioned, if you believe what photogs have to say, they say that no other action camera has the sharpness that the Go Pro 3 does, and can shoot 1080p at 60fps.

Also, the ultra strong mounts have been know to withstand high speed car crashes (not that we’re wishing that on anyone)!

Why is this Model unique?

Although there are a number of other cameras that boast similar features, the functionality of the Hero 3 is enhanced by the Wi-Fi option as also by the improved detail you get in the brightly lit areas of the screen, and the reduction in fogging in the housing.

They also greatly improved the low light capability from prior models.

What else should you know about the Go Pro 3?

While there seems to be so many pros about the camera, there are a couple of cons. Some people say The Protune feature does not work very well at night (although is much improved in the Black Model), and the camera doesn’t have built in GPS unlike some other cameras do.

And at $399 it can be an expensive camera for some. However, if it’s used for commercial purposes, it seems like a reasonable investment for a high quality, versatile camera. Especially when a high quality quadcopter will cost several times more :).

What other equipment is needed to use the camera?

Although the camera can be operated without any additional paraphernalia, getting a new SD card will make it more compatible with faster bit rates (class 10 or higher is recommended).

Also, if you get yourself a high quality HDMI cable you can connect the camera to your television.

What accessories are available?

You can get mounting or premium accessories. The Black model comes with: 60m waterproof housing, wi-fi remote, assorted mounting hardware, rechargeable battery, a quick release buckle, and a 3 way pivot arm.

The surf model comes with a surfboard mount as well.

Other accessories available are helmet front mounts, suction cup mounts and side mounts.

Is the camera easy to use?

Although anyone can click a picture, if you want to really unleash the latent capacity of the camera you will need to know certain nuances, all of which you can learn from the user manual which will come along with the camera.

Or if you’re already used to operating similar cameras, your learning curve likely won’t be much. There are a lot of videos online that discuss using the Go Pro cameras as well.

<< Get your Go Pro Hero 3 Camera Now on an Official, Secure Website >>

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FAQ – XP2 Quadcopter

Here are just a few topics discussed with regards to the XP2. Stay tuned as we will continue to update the Q&A here.

How long can the XP2 Quadcopter fly?

The quadcopter is going to be able to get about 7-11minutes of flight time on a 3 cell, 4400mAH 11.1V battery . This flight time is including a GoPro Hero 2 on board.

How far away can it fly?

.5 to 1 mile, further than you can see with the naked eye. It will depend on the terrain, weather and the radio frequencies.

What else can it do?

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you can use it to capture the most beautiful scenic views.

If you go on vacation, you can take aerial shots with it. If you want to see where your kids are going, or who they are with, it can be used as a “spy” device.

Record YouTube videos, commercial or amateur movies.

Record tours of large commercial buildings, amphitheatres, wine country and other travel related venues.

It can be used in the real estate business to take photos of houses outside and properties for sale.

You can use it to record a game (if your child plays sports). You can use it for great coverage at a wedding.

Or, anything else you can imagine, the XP2 can capture.

Who should use the XP2?

The device can be used by amateurs and professional videographers, film makers, etc. It is a great device to capture the best aerial angles, and shots a traditional video camera can’t capture from the ground.

Who is the XP2 NOT for?

It is not for just hobbyists or those looking for a “toy helicopter.” Children under 18 need to have parental supervision.

It is also not for those looking for affordability, or just a “casual” image capturer, since it is professional grade, and made for serious amateur and professional use.

What precautions should be taken when operating it?

When putting it up in flight, you should take notice of the surroundings. You want to make sure tree branches, mountains, rocks, or other tough terrain are not too close, in order to avoid heavy contact.

You also want to watch for weather conditions; although it can handle rain, you should be cautious around thunderstorms, and other adverse conditions.

You should also pay attention to wind conditions, and other possible nearby distractions.

Do not fly it near or above people. (As is true with all RC copters, you can be held liable for any damage you cause while flying one).

What else does the company offer?

The company sells the XP2 with or without a GPS. Accessories and spare parts can also be purchased on their website – including frames, spare batteries, etc. They also carry a couple of more entry level Quadcopters on their website.

As far as online use, you get free online training videos (to learn how to use the product), and great support, if you have questions or product concerns.

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